March 20-22, 2019
Orange County Convention Center
Orlando, FL
American Pet Products Association (APPA) Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA)

Onsite Badge Pick Up

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WHEN can pre-registered attendees pick up their badges?

Global Pet Expo Registration is located in the West Buidling, Hall B Lobby AND Hall C Lobby, Level 1 at the Orange County Convention Center
Proceed to the "Pre-Registered" counter with a copy of your registration confirmation. Scanners will be available for the barcodes. 

WHAT should I bring with me to obtain my badge?

WHERE are the Remote Badge Pick-up Stations for pre-registered Exhibitors, Buyers & Manufacturer Reps?

Please note: To take advantage of any of these remote stations, you must be Pre-Registered with a Registration Confirmation.

Hours for Remote Stations are as follows:

Locations for Remote Stations: 

If you need to REGISTER for badges: 

Head to the BLUE “Pre-Qualified” counter in the West Building, Hall B, Level 1 at the Orange County Convention Center. Look up your company name and enter your information for your badge. You will need a business card and photo I.D.

Buyer & Manufacturer Rep Companies attending for the first time must be prepared to qualify. Please go to the Qualification Counter in Registration.
Buyers: Click HERE for more information on qualification requirements. 
Manufacturer Reps: Click HERE for more information on qualification requirements. 

Member of the Press should proceed to the Press Office, Room W205 to register for credentials. Click HERE for information on qualifying for press credentials.

Industry Visitors and Prospective Members can register onsite at the Industry Visitor Counter. Payment will be required.


Please note: Global Pet Expo is not open to the general public