New Buyer Proofs of Business

After submitting the New Buyer Qualification form, a REQUIRED WHOLESALE INVOICE for a variety of pet product brands purchased in quantity for resale must be sent in along with one (1) of the following:

  • Store or commercial lease indicating type of business.
  • Business advertisement displaying pet products sold from your business.
  • Utility bill for a store.
  • Yellow Pages or listing in an appropriate category.
  • Resale tax certificate.
  • Business license for a retail business.
  • Website selling a variety of pet product brands.

The REQUIRED WHOLESALE INVOICE cannot be for ingredients, supplies, or for your own branded products purchased from a contract manufacturer.  The minimum amount of products purchased must be $300, not including shipping.  Additional conditions may apply.

Note:  All proofs of business must match the name of the company on the qualification form

Please EMAIL your proofs of business to or FAX to (203) 532-0551.