February 26-28, 2020 Orange County Convention Center Orlando, FL PRODUCED BY:
American Pet Products Association (APPA) Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA)

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  2. Select the proof-of-business option you will be providing.  One must be a wholesale invoice for pet products your Company purchases from a manufacturer or distributor for resale.  The second may be any one (1) of the other options listed below.
  3. Send in your proof of business:
           - Fax to 203.532.0551 OR
           - Email to buyers@globalpetexpo.org OR
           - Mail to Global Pet Expo/Buyer Qualification, 225 High Ridge Road, Suite W200, Stamford, CT 06905 USA
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Global Pet Expo's definition of a Qualified Buyer is a company that is purchasing a pet products wholesale and in quantity from a variety of branded product manufacturers or from a distributor that are then resold to the consumer.  Buyers may be single-unit retailers, multi-unit retailers, distributors, or a website selling branded products purchased from a variety of manufacturers. Only qualified buyers are eligible to attend all three days free of charge. 

Pet product manufacturers, domestic importers, international exporters, or distributors may qualify to exhibit at Global Pet Expo.  Additional information available at http://globalpetexpo.org/exhibitor/exhibitor.asp

Service Providers, Suppliers, or any business that does not qualify as a buyer may be eligible to attend as an Industry Visitor on Friday or Thursday & Friday.  There is a fee.  Please contact Annie Rotberg at arotberg@americanpetproducts.org for more information.

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Did a PIDA distributor refer you to Global Pet Expo? Select one or more distributor companies:

Ack, LLC
AFCO Distribution
All Bird Supply dbs All Pet Supply USA
Animal Supply Company
Bradley Caldwell
Central Pet
Fauna Foods Corporation
Frontier Distributing, Inc.
General Pet Supply, Inc.
GMH Distribution
Independent Pet Supply
JMI Pet Supply
John Van Den Bosch Company
King Wholesale Inc.
Lee Mar Pet
Leis Pet Distributing
Maddies Natural Pet Products Ltd.
Natural Animal Nutrition
Nelson Wholesale Sevices, Inc.
Pecan Grove Solutions LLC
Pet Food Experts, Inc.
Pet Palette LLC
Phillips Pet Food & Supplies
Rio Grande Service Center
Royal Aquatic, LLC
Southeast Pet
Sun Pet LTD
The Gralen Company
United Pacific Pet, LLC
UTM Distributing Co.
VSI - Veterinary Service Inc.
Wyld's Wingdom, Inc.
Zeigler's Distributor, Inc.

Questions? Email buyers@globalpetexpo.org.

NO    YES, most recent year    NOT SURE

Two (2) Proof of Business Required by Friday, March 8, 2019, at 5pm ET. Please select one (1) option for the proof of business that will accompany the required invoice.
NOTE: Incomplete/insufficient documentation will delay registration confirmation. Additional conditions may apply.

(REQUIRED) Wholesale INVOICE from a manufacturer or distributor for pet products purchased
in quantity for resale for a minimum of $300.00 or multiple invoices totaling this amount;

PLUS one (1) of the following:
Store or commercial lease indicating type of business.
Business advertisement for a pet products business.
Utility bill showing business name and address.
Yelp.com listing in an appropriate category.
Facebook page showing photos of store front and interior sales displays.
Resale tax certificate.
Business License for a retail business.
Website for a retail business.
Please Specify:
Website for on-line retailer selling several different branded pet products.
Please Specify:

The category you selected appears below. This is the business description that will appear on your show badge. You may change your selection at this time, but only one (1) option is possible. (REQUIRED)

Direct Sales:

(DT) Television 
(DS) Show Vendor 


(CA) Aquatic 
(C) Full Line 
(D) Other - Specify 


(CC) Exporter 


(BB) Importer


(PP) Breeder w/Retail
(Z) Groomer w/Retail
(TR) Trainer w/Retail
(Y) Veterinarian 
(EE) Kennel/Boarding w/Retail

Mail Order Catalog:

(E) Wholesale 
(F) Consumer 
(P) Internet Retailer/Website 

Mass Market Retailer:

(I) Drug 
(J) Variety 
(K) Supermarket 
(L) Hardware 
(R) Warehouse 

Multi-Unit Retailer:

(PBB) Pet Boutique 
(G) Pet/Dry Goods Only 
(H) Pet/Dry Goods with Animals 
(HH) Aquatic/Aquarium 
(GG) Equine Supply 
(FF) Feed Store 
(TT) Gift 
(WW) General Merchandise 
(VV) Hardware 
(UU) Lawn & Garden 
(SS) Specialty 
(YY) Co-op 


(O) Specify 

Service Distributor:

(B) Promotion Jobber 

Single-Unit Retailer:

(PB) Pet Boutique 
(M) Pet/Dry Goods Only 
(N) Pet/Dry Goods w/Animals 
(SA) Aquatic/Aquarium 
(MM) Equine Supply 
(DD) Feed Store 
(T) Gift 
(W) General Merchandise 
(V) Hardware 
(U) Lawn & Garden 
(S) Specialty 


(QO) General Merchandise 
(QQ) Livestock 
(Q) Pet/Dry Goods 
(OO) Other - Specify 
Bird   Fish   Cat   Small Animal   Dog   Reptile   Equine

Less Than $500,000
$500,001 - $2,000,000
$2,000,001 - $5,000,000
$5,000,001 - $10,000,000
Over $10,000,000

Please note this Qualification Form will not be processed if the following are not checked:

I certify that the above information is correct as stated. I understand that if this information is incorrect or incomplete, this application will be rejected.
I agree to follow the Global Pet Expo 2020 Show Rules.

Questions? Contact buyers@globalpetexpo.org.