February 26-28, 2020 Orange County Convention Center Orlando, FL PRODUCED BY:
American Pet Products Association (APPA) Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA)

Staff Directory

Global Pet Expo Headquarters

225 High Ridge Road, Suite W200
Stamford, CT 06905
Phone: (203) 532-0000 x521
Fax: (203) 532-0551
Email: globalpetexpo@americanpetproducts.org 

Overall Trade Show Management

Andrew Darmohraj
Executive Vice President & COO, APPA
P: (203) 532-3606
E: adarmohraj@americanpetproducts.org 

Exhibitor Inquiries

Booth Assignments & Letters of Invitation

Kaitlin Stewart
Manager, Trade Show Operations
P: (203) 532-3615
E: kstewart@americanpetproducts.org 

Special Events / Exhibitor Meeting Room Requests / New Products Showcase

Tracey Wilson
Associate Director, Special Events & Meetings
P: (203) 532-3612
E: twilson@americanpetproducts.org

Booth Payment & Invoices

Charmaine Davis-Ford
Chief Accountant
P: (203) 532-3611
E: cdavis-ford@americanpetproducts.org

Exhibitor Badge Registration

Corinne Stoutenberg
Manager, Industry Relations
P: (203) 532-3647
E: cstoutenberg@americanpetproducts.org

Sponsorship Opportunities

Marian Thielsen
Associate VP, Sales & Marketing
P: (203) 532-3601
E: mthielsen@americanpetproducts.org 

Josh Vetere
Senior Manager, Sales & Marketing
P: (203) 532-3652
E: jvetere@americanpetproducts.org 

Attendee Inquiries

Buyer & Manufacturer Rep Registration

Annie Rotberg
Director, Attendee Services 
P: (203) 532-3631
E: arotberg@americanpetproducts.org 

Chris Bonifati
Assistant Manager, Attendee Services
P: (203) 532-3651
E: cbonifati@americanpetproducts.org

Press Inquiries

Press Registration & Media Relations

Jennifer Skelley
Senior Director of Communications & Public Relations
P: (203) 532-3609
E: jskelley@americanpetproducts.org

Julie Rowe
Public Relations Consultant
The Impetus Agency
P: (775) 322-4022
E: julie@theimpetusagency.com 

Jamie Baxter
Public Relations Consultant
The Impetus Agency
P: (775) 322-4022
E: jamie@theimpetusagency.com