• Global Pet Expo
  • March 12-14, 2014
    Orange County Convention Center
    Orlando, FL
    American Pet Products Association (APPA) Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA)

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26 Bars & a Band
Booth #709

Free Shipping on orders over $250 (Paul Frank beds not included). U.S. orders only.

Valid: 03/12/2014-3/14/2014
A Crowded Coop
Booth #3804

10% off any orders placed at the show.

Valid: 3.12.14-3.14.14
Best Friends by Sheri
Booth #3750

Receive 20% off our entire line of designer pet beds & huts with minimum case-pack order of $1,000 or receive 10% off minimum order of $350

Valid: 3/10/14-3/17/14
Bio-Rep Animal Health
Booth #4471

Retailers will receive 10% off each wholesale case (12 bottles per case) of Boneo Canine Maintenance Formula purchased at the show!

Valid: March 12-March 14, 2014
Bio-Rep Animal Health
Booth #4471

YAPPY HOUR SPECIAL BETWEEN 1-4 PM! Order a min. of 4 cases and receive 10% off + FREE shipping + a FREE POP Display for your store!

Valid: March 12-14 (1-4 p.m.)
Bistro Bites
Booth #3181

Buy one case and receive second case for 1/2 price when placing an order at the show.

Valid: Three show days only
Cat Crib
Booth #3085

Free shipping + 10% off.

Valid: During show
Cat Litter-Lifter Scoops
Booth #1876

Most loved™ Litter-Lifter®™ litter scoops. Cleaner, faster & less dust. Free sample to qualified Retailers. 10% off list.

Valid: 3/1/2014-3/31/2014
Cats Rule Dogs Rock
Booth #3621

Place an order at the show and receive 20% off - minimum of $150 order.

Valid: At Global Pet Expo
Chief Furry Officer
Booth #744

10% Discount on orders placed during show dates, with a minimum order of $300.

Valid: 3/12/14 - 3/14/14
Crunch Woofs
Booth #4674

Free shipping on all orders. Additional 10% discount on all orders of $1000 or more.

Valid: MARCH 12TH-MARCH 14TH 2014
Crunch Woofs
Booth #4674

*NEW* 72 piece display now available! *NEW* 18 piece pre-loaded clip strip case now available!

Valid: MARCH 12TH-MARCH 14TH 2014
Cycle Dog-Earth Friendly Pet Company
Booth #641

10% off all orders plus Free Shipping

Valid: Feb 1-2014 to End of Show
Dog Fashion Spa
Booth #4259

A chance to win iPad mini for orders > $100 (the winner will be announced on March 20th, after all show orders are shipped).

Valid: March 12 - March 14
Dog Fashion Spa
Booth #4259

10% off wholesale prices on Dog Fashion Spa orders over $100.

Valid: March 12 - March 14
Dog Fashion Spa
Booth #4259

Free shipping within the U.S. on Dog Fashion Spa orders over $300.

Valid: March 12 - March 14
Dog Fashion Spa
Booth #4259

Two complimentary Dog Fashion Spa small store presentation displays for orders over $500.

Valid: March 12 - March 14
Dog Fashion Spa
Booth #4259

Complimentary Dog Fashion Spa large store presentation display for orders over $1,000.

Valid: March 12 - March 14
Dog Fashion Spa
Booth #4259

Buy 10 Dog Fashion Spa shampoos or conditioners, receive two more for free. Formulated without: sulfate, paraben, synthetic dye, gmo.

Valid: March 12 - March 14
Dog Fashion Spa
Booth #4259

Buy 10 Dog Fashion Spa fragrance-free gentle eye pads, receive 2 more for free.

Valid: March 12 - March 14
Dog Fashion Spa
Booth #4259

15% off wholesale prices on Dog Fashion Spa orders over $100 for WIPIN (Women in the Pet Industry Network) active members.

Valid: March 12 - March 14
Dog Gone Smart Pet Products
Booth #3472

Booth 3472 SHOW SPECIAL! Spend $500, get 15% off & FREE Freight Spend $1000, get 25% off & FREE Freight (excludes Dog/CAT Mats&ZipNDri)

Valid: 3/11/14-3/17/14
DogChewz NYC
Booth #3906

Discount of 15% on orders of $150 and up.

Valid: March 12 - 16th
Doggie Styles & Kitty Too!
Booth #646

FREE freight on orders of $300 or more.

Doggles, LLC
Booth #1159

20% off orders $400 or more!

Valid: March 12-14
Dr. Emmo's First Aid Products
Booth #535

#1 - DR. Emmo's First Aid Introductory CU/DSP - 23 units. 35% off regular pricing. #2. "NEW" Equine First Aid - 40% off Introductory Pricing

Valid: 3/12/2014 - 4/30/2014
DuckyWorld Products, Inc.
Booth #2683

1. Buy a rack, get a bonus Banana Bunch. 2. Buy a Banana Bunch, get a bonus Jug of Stinkies. 3. 15% off open stock.

Valid: March 12-14, 2014
Elmo's Closet
Booth #654

Free shipping on all show orders. Plus 3% off orders more than $500, 5% off orders more than $1000, and 10% off orders more than $2000.

Valid: entire show
European Home Design
Booth #1475

AKC Pet Beds, Collars, Leads, Training Pads, Crates & Crate Mats

Valid: March 12-March 14
Frenchie's Kitchen
Booth #4057

15 % all Products-- Buy 3 Cases, Get One Case FREE Samples-- Free Shipping on ALL ORDERS

Valid: March 10-17, 2014
Booth #1991

Everything 20% off Free Shipping

Valid: March 12-15
Groovy Gravy Brands
Booth #4272

Enjoy 15% off of the standard wholesale pricing • Free shipping • Free product samples • No minimum order • Marketing support

Valid: March 11-14, 2014
Happy Kids/Happy Pets
Booth #4474

Happy Kids/Happy Pets will offer a 10% off Show Special on any purchase during the show.

Valid: March 12-14
Herbs for Life, Inc./Pet Wellness Blends
Booth #3922

10% discount on ISO for Pet Wellness Blends Supplements and new products Webinar Training Series on all Products

Valid: 3/12/14-3/14/14
Booth #4135

FREE SHIPPING on show orders. EXTRA 10% DISCOUNT ON ORDERS OVER $1,000 for orders placed and paid for at the show

Valid: over show dates
Home Bazaar Inc.
Booth #4386

All Dog Houses - 20% OFF - All Cat Items - 20% OFF - All Birdhouses - 20% OFF - First Time Orders Only - In Stock Items ONLY

Valid: Expires June 30
Hong Kong City Toys
Booth #1319

10% discount on orders placed at the show. Delivery dates on orders will be dictated by the buyer.

Valid: March 12 - 14th
Hugs Pet Products
Booth #2875

BLOW OUT pricing on Closeouts!!!!

Valid: Orders written at show
Hugs Pet Products
Booth #2875

FREE freight for wholesale orders shipped in US over $500

Valid: Orders written at show
Hugs Pet Products
Booth #2875

10% OFF our NEW made in the USA Sticks Treats

Valid: Orders written at show
Leather Brothers, Inc.
Booth #3867

10% OFF in addition to normal dealer discounts-we will honor this discount for 2 weeks following the show for those customers who attend GPE

Valid: March 12th - March 28th
Lucky Pet Brands
Booth #2778

Take 15% off our Lucky Pet brand "Original Packaged Line". Our Resealable packages contain Premium baked treats for dogs, cats, and birds.

Valid: 3/1/14 - 3/20/15
Mendota Products
Booth #3859

2% discount if you place an order through our new online order portal

Valid: 2014
Metro Paws LLC.
Booth #606

15% off all cases of 2 or more, 20% off all orders of 5 cases or more.

Valid: March 11-24th
Mudd+Wyeth, LLC
Booth #4275

Don't wait! Place an order with us at the Global Pet Expo and receive 10% off your purchase!

Valid: March 12-a4 2014
Mulligan Stew Pet Food
Booth #4217

Mulligan Stew's NEW Holistic Canine Supplements! 10% off all supplement orders placed at Global Pet Expo.

Valid: March 12 - March 14, 2014
Mulligan Stew Pet Food
Booth #4217

Mulligan Stew Pet Food! 15% off all Premium Can and Kibble Recipe orders placed at the Global Pet Expo.

Valid: March 12 - 14, 2014
Nature's Logic
Booth #4017

Save 25% on our NEW Treats! 15% off of Kibble, Can, Raw & Supplements!

Valid: March 12 - 14, 2014
New Era
Booth #1355

Receive 10% off and full store use bucket when full marine or tropical range purchased,15% off for entire range and 2 store use buckets free

Valid: 3/1/14-3/31/14
Booth #3852

Get Naked Dental Sticks and N-Bone Puppy Teething Rings 20% Off

Valid: 3/1/14-3/31/14
Booth #4589

10% OFF all orders placed

Valid: "Duration of Show"
Organic Oscar
Booth #3938

Visit our booth and ask for your FREE Organic Oscar Duck Toy made with 100% eco-friendly and chemical-free natural dyed cotton thread.

Valid: March 12th to 14th
Organic Oscar
Booth #3938

5% Off For All Orders Above $100 and FREE Shipping (exclude gallons)

Valid: March 12 to March 14
P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You
Booth #727

Order >$250 and receive a Snuggle Bed ($55 value); Order >$450 and receive a 15-pc Toy Set ($144 value); Free Shipping for orders > $800

Valid: March 12-31
Paws Aboard
Booth #3445

15% Off Everything at the Show! ($150 minimum)

Valid: During Show Only
Pet Acoustics
Booth #506

10% off first order of Pet Tunes Bluetooth Music speakers at GPE. Visit Pet Acoustics Inc. Booth #506

Valid: Global Pet Expo Show
Pet Anchor
Booth #689

Sign up to win our Grand Prize, a Guided Fly-Fishing Trip in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, and other great prizes. Details at booth 689.

Valid: March 12-14, 2014
Pet Palette
Booth #700

10-20% off 50+ popular brands including VIP, Hugglehounds, Melia, Worthy Dog, Huxley & Kent, Fiesta Petware, Healthy Dogma, EZYDog and more!

Valid: 3/10-16/14
Pet Plenish
Booth #4377

FREE shipping on all pallet orders!

Valid: Through March 31, 2014
Pet Product Innovations LLC
Booth #3706

20% off list and free shipping.

Valid: March 12-14
PetRageous Designs LTD
Booth #1219

10% off orders that total $400 or more. FREE shipping in the continental U.S. on orders $300 or more.

Valid: March 10th - March 24th
Pooch Outfitters
Booth #649

15% off orders over $300, 20% off orders over $750, 25% off orders over $1,500

Valid: 3/12/14-3/31/14
Booth #941

Free Domestic Shipping on Orders of $250 or More. Receive One Florida Lottery Scratch-off Ticket with every $100 in Orders Placed at Global.

Valid: March 12, 13, & 14, 2014
Precise Holistic Complete
Booth #4121

ISO ALL SKUs Buy $500 get 10% Off, Buy $750 get 15% Off. Buy $1000 Naturals also, get 1 time 10% off $1000 order of Precise products in May

Valid: 03/12/14 thru 03/14/14
Precise Holistic Complete
Booth #4121

NEW SKUs ONLY Buy $500 get 15% Off, Buy $750 get 20% Off. Buy $1000 Naturals also get 1 time 10% off $1000 order of Precise products in May

Valid: 03/12/14 thru 04/30/14
Precise Naturals
Booth #4121

Buy $500 get 10% Off, Buy $750 get 15% Off, Buy $1000 get 20% Off. *Buy $1000 get a 1 time 10% discount on Precise products in May.

Valid: 03/12/14 thru 4/30/14
Booth #634


Booth #4487

Purchase 3 of each Puppytail Products for only $100. A savings of 10%!

Valid: 3/12/2014-3/14/2014
rockin' doggie
Booth #745

10% off your purchase of $250 or more.

Valid: 3/12/14 - 3/14/14
Safari Ltd®
Booth #3879

FREE FREIGHT @ $100 $350 NET 30 FF $750 NET 90 FF, 5% DISCOUNT.

Valid: March 12- 14, 2014
Booth #647

Free shipping within the USA for orders written during the show. 10% off for buyers outside the USA

Valid: March 12-14
Booth #3710

20% off and free shipping

Valid: March 12-14
Steve's Real Food
Booth #3926

Receive 10% off any item OR Receive 20% off orders of $300+ and get a free T-shirt with order.

Valid: March 10th - 14th
Booth #3375

10-11" First Quality Natural Knotted Rawhide Bones, shrink & header, $1.99 each. Case packs negotiable; full pallet quantities.

Valid: 3/17/14 - 5/17/14
Surflifewear In/ UP Collection
Booth #752

5 % Off Show Special.

Valid: March 12-18, 2014
The Original PoopBags
Booth #2687

$99 USDA Certified Biobased Starter Kit 10 units USDA 9 Roll Pack 20 units USDA 3 Roll Pack 24 units USDA Dispenser

Valid: March 12 through March 14, 2014
The Wonder Scooper
Booth #4281

Stop by booth 4281 for Free sample of The amazing new product that dramatically reduces litter box clean up time with zero mess and no dust

Valid: March 12-14, 2014
Vee Enterprises/PURRfect™ Cat Toys
Booth #844

10% off our entire catalog for all orders $150 and above

Valid: 3/10/14-3/21/14
VeRUS Pet Foods
Booth #4012

Existing Customers:10% off Original Open Stock.20% off New Fresh Meat Formulas.New Customers: 20% off ISO. Retailers Only.Minimums apply

Valid: March 12-14, 2014
Wally's Natural
Booth #4574

15% off Wally's Natural Flea and Tick Intro Kit. Come by booth #4574 to check it out!

Valid: During show
Warren London Dog Grooming Products
Booth #747

15% Off All Orders plus Free Shipping! More great show specials at the booth Plus a Free Dog Nail File!

Valid: All of March 2014
Whole Life Pet
Booth #878

20% off All Displays - 25% off Any New Item(s)

Valid: March 10 thru March 21, 2014
Booth #4682

Receive 10% off Wingscapes Products and Free Freight with $300 order.

Valid: Orders written at the Show
Booth #3652

15% off all orders placed at the show!

Valid: March 12- March 14
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