March 21-23, 2018
Orange County Convention Center
Orlando, FL
American Pet Products Association (APPA) Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA)

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Affordable Pet Test
Booth #6083

We are giving away 500 pet test that determine environmental and food intolerances all by a hair/ Fur sample. It is a $125.00 value.

Valid: Till gone
All Star Dogs
Booth #4039

Save up to 15% off on Global Pet Expo purchases!

Valid: March 21-23, 2018.
Animal Nutritional Products
Booth #486

UroMAXX™, urinary kidney bladder support, for both cats and dogs. The best selling herbal cat supplement. BUY 10 bottles get 2 FREE.

Valid: March 21 - March 31
Animal Nutritional Products
Booth #486

ArthriMAXX™, the leading joint, antioxidant and senior wellness product for CATS over 10. BUY 10 bottles get 2 FREE.

Valid: March 21 - March 31
Animal Nutritional Products
Booth #486

ArthriMAXX™ Chews, the leading joint and antioxidant formula. A moist, soft chew that doubles as a pill pocket! BUY 10 bottles get 2 FREE.

Valid: March 21 - March 31
Animal Nutritional Products
Booth #486

PhytoMAXX™, a unique CBD formula for dogs and cats, targeting pain and anxiety issues. BUY 10 get 2 for FREE.

Valid: March 21 - March 31
Animal Nutritional Products
Booth #486

ArthriMAXX™ the leading liquid joint and antioxidant formula with astaxanthin for DOGS. BUY 10 get 2 for FREE.

Valid: March 21 - March 31
Booth #527

Meet the “NEW” ARK NATURALS COMPANY in Booth #527 and SAVE up to 30%! Plus, enter to WIN great prizes!

Valid: March 1 - 31, 2018
Armstrong's Cricket Farm-GA
Booth #1307

Free shipping on any orders placed at the Global Pet Expo on 3/21,3/22 and3/23 2018. Order forms available at booth 1307

Valid: 03-21-18,3-22-18 and 3-23-18
Best Pet Supplies, Inc
Booth #1300

Save up to 25 % on all products, when placed the order during the show.

Valid: During the show
Bio-Rep Animal Health (Boneo Canine)
Booth #745

Wholesale orders will receive 10% off and free shipping.

Valid: 3/30/2018
bioDOGradable Bags
Booth #6180

* Free Shipping * No Minimum Orders * Bulk Order Discount

Valid: March 21st thru March 23rd
Blue Ribbon Pet Products, Inc.
Booth #3101

15 Hand selected Pre-Pack assortments of our New & Top Favorite aquarium decorations, each at Big Savings. Fast, Simple & Profitable.

Valid: Through March 31, 2018
Brewscuits®, LLC
Booth #6182

Free shipping on your first shipper display purchase if order is placed and paid during the show period.

Valid: March 21-23
Buck Bone Organics
Booth #5774

20% Off Orders at Show

Valid: March 20-24
Canine Colors
Booth #5677

Author and Founder of Canine Colors, Letitia Fox will be doing a book signing during the show!

Valid: March 21 - 23, 2018
Canine Colors
Booth #5677

Canine Colors gives a compelling view of how we can find the perfect canine companion. Special show volume discount and free shipping! #5677

Valid: March 21 - 23, 2018
Booth #924


Valid: 3/20/18 TO 12/31/18
Booth #1400

ORDERS OVER $250 GET 10% OFF AND FREE SHIPPING* (*Contiguous US only)

Valid: 3/20/18-3/31/18
Chloe & Max, LLC
Booth #6249

Starter packages of 30 bananas. Normally sells for $240.00 but during show it will be $200.00. No substitutions will be allowed.

Valid: March 21-23
Booth #5557

20% discount and free delivery on all orders made at the show!

Valid: 21-23 March, 2018
COOL PET Holistics
Booth #582

Buy 1 Get 1 Liquid-Vet® Canine Joint Trial Sizes Guaranteed Sale or Your Money Back FREE Shipping On All Show Orders 10% OFF ALL Show Orders

Valid: March 20 - March 27, 2018
Coolaid Animal Cooling And Recovery
Booth #584

Whiles supplies last, enjoy a 20% discount on all purchases made during the Global Pet Expo!

Valid: 3/21-3/23
DF Beautifool PET
Booth #5244

Closeout sale of Italian-made beds: all must go, sold below cost. Booth #5244 PetStore.Direct.

Valid: 3/21-3/23
Dog Fashion Spa
Booth #5244

15% off all Dog Fashion Spa products. Booth #5244 PetStore.Direct.

Valid: 3/21-3/23
Doggles Inc
Booth #1872

15% off orders $400 or more OR 20% off orders $600 or more Wholesale accounts only please

Valid: March 19 - March 26 2018
Dozers Dental Chews DBA Pure Technology
Booth #1914

Take 10% off your order of 16 cases or more! Use code SHOWSPECIAL at checkout or speak to a booth representative! See you at the show!

Valid: March 20th through March 30th
DuckyWorld Products, Inc.
Booth #1781

Open stock 5% off Open stock new 2oz tub, order 8 pcs get 15% off 10% off of displays – includes Jugs, Cigar Boxes, Stands and The Rack

Valid: 3/21/18-3/30/18
Eco Dog Care
Booth #3173

20% GPE Discount on ISO - minimum 1 case, mix-match okay

Valid: 3/1/2018 to 4/30/2018
Einstein Pets
Booth #3557


Valid: March 21 - 23, 2018
Endless Possibilities - maker of Kitty Boinks
Booth #3714

Free shipping on any domestic order over $300

Valid: Entire show
Endless Possibilities - maker of Kitty Boinks
Booth #3714

Stop by booth #3714 for a free Kitty Boinks

Valid: every day
Endura Flap Pet Doors
Booth #3856

10% off Show Orders | Free Shipping on Orders over $2500.00 | Ask about NEW Store Display!

Valid: March 21-23, 2018
Fauna Marin USA LLC
Booth #4887

Additional 10% off wholesale prices for orders placed before 11:59:59pm est 3/31/18

Valid: 3/20/18 to 3/31/18
Booth #3407

15% off orders $300 or more (from 03/21-04/06). BOGO Boucherie & Vegalicious items (from 03/21-03/23)

Valid: 03/21 - 03/23
Gentle Friends
Booth #6256

No opening order minimums. Enjoy 20% off all orders over $150.

Valid: Through March 23rd
Global Amici
Booth #3925


Valid: March 21 - April 30
Groomer's Box
Booth #5244

Receive over $400 worth of grooming products and tools in a Special Global Edition Groomer's Box for only $150.

Valid: 3/21/3/23
H&C Animal Health
Booth #1509

Get $50 cash back with purchase of 1 Vet2You endcap! For details, visit booth 1509

Valid: 1/1/2018 - 12/31/2018
Hello Doggie
Booth #4251

10% off on orders $500 dollars or more and receive a free gift valued at $240

Valid: March 21 to March 23
Hungry Hound Beerscuits, LLC.
Booth #6378

FREE shipping on all domestic orders placed during the show at our booth (#6378) WHAT'S NEW SECTION

Valid: March 21-23, 2018
Hungry Hound Beerscuits, LLC.
Booth #6378

"Stock Your Store Sale" save $1 per item off wholesale prices when you purchase and take with you! Only valid on inventory in stock last day

Valid: Friday March 23rd ONLY
Huxley & Kent
Booth #3945

10% off all Huxley & Kent. Prebook Halloween and Holiday and save 10%. $100 minimum. Save on shipping when you order $350 or more.

Valid: March 21-27, 2018
Iconic Paws Natural Products
Booth #6157

Free Shipping on all orders placed during GPE. Visit us at booth # 6157 to order onsite while supplies last. (Contiguous US Only)

Valid: 3/20/2018-3/23/2018
Ideal Pet Products
Booth #3834

10% off all order over $500 during the show.

Valid: Show only
JMI Pet Supply
Booth #5344

20% OFF orders at the show and FREE carrying bag. Qualified Retailers who order will be entered for a chance to win an Apple Watch!

Valid: During the show
Booth #5674


Lambert Vet Supply
Booth #578

Grandpa’s Best & Pet's Choice– 20% off ISO - $500 minimum Glacier Salmon Oil – 20% off – 1 case minimum ADEQID – 20% off – 1 box minimum

Valid: End date April 16, 2018, 5pm CT
Manna Pro Pet Products
Booth #1271

Show Special - 25% off all NEW products including our new Nutri-Vet Defense and Defense+ Flea and Tick products and the Espree Dry Shampoos.

Valid: 03/21-03/23/2018
Mary's Whole Pet CBD
Booth #6052

Top Selling Pet CBD Products! - 20% Off + Free Shipping on ALL Orders - WHITE LABELING Opportunities Also Available - Stop by Booth #6052!

Valid: Until end of show on Friday!
My Pet My Scent
Booth #5977

- 15% off orders at show for My Pet My Scent anti anxiety kit for DOGS all 3 days BOOTH # 5977

Valid: March 21- March 23
My Pet My Scent
Booth #5977

giving away free HUMAN patented aromatherapy inhalation patches for relaxing -Lavender scent - one per person BOOTH # 5977 My Pet My Scent

Valid: all 3 days
My Pet My Scent
Booth #5977

raffling off Frday 2 stuffed animal Beagles at our booth.. Place biz crd in fishbowl New Prduct Showcase & BOOTH5977

Valid: all 3 days
Nature's Specialties
Booth #5244

Buy 6 Pay for 5 Same or Lesser Value Nature's Specialties grooming products. Booth #5244.

Valid: 3/21-3/23
Neater Pets
Booth #3753

15% OFF No minimums Free shipping

Valid: March 21-23, 2018
OASE North America
Booth #5272

Introducing OASE Indoor Aquatics in North America! Enjoy a 15% savings on your order of $1500.00 or more all throughout the Global Pet Expo.

Valid: 3/21/18 through end of show, 3/23/2018
One Fur All / Pet House
Booth #879

20% ISO open stock 10% open stock for existing customers

Valid: March 21 - 23, 2018
Origin Point Brands
Booth #909

Show Deals: Direct Import Container Quantities.: Pet Crates & Boxed Kennels. See Booth 909 for Special Pricing. Container Mixing Allowed.

Valid: During Show and 60 days after
P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You
Booth #4121

Order $450 and above and receive a free Globetrotter 15-pc Toy Set Order $950 and above and receive FREE SHIPPING* * contig. USA

Valid: March 21-31
Pet Healthy Brands
Booth #3810

Show Assortment #1 6 pack of our leading Products $115.00 Show Assortment #2 Sampling of our product line.$150.00

Valid: 3/21/2018 - 3/30/2018
Pet Palette
Booth #3944

10% off most brands. $100 minimum. Shipping discounts on orders over $350.00. Over 50 great brands to choose from!

Valid: 3/21-27/18
Pet Product Innovations, LLC
Booth #400

20% Off Open Stock, Free Shipping, Additional 10% If You Buy 3 Lines

Valid: Only During The Show
Booth #5244

10-20% Show discounts on PetLift tubs, hydraulic and electric tables, posts and clamps. Booth #5244 PetStore.Direct.

Valid: 3/21-3/23
Booth #2753

3 In1 Harness buy 12 or more and save 30% in teal or purple. The 3 In 1 also accompanies the new Two Point Control Leash

Valid: all 3 days of the show
Booth #2753

NEW Two Point Control Leash Buy 5 get One FREE

Valid: ll 3 days of the show
Booth #2753

NEW Breakfast Lunch Dinner Flavored Treat Rings Packs. Available in 3 sizes 20% off

Valid: all 3 days of the show
Booth #2753

Busy Buddy Ring Holding Animal Toys - Turtle, Dinosaur, Hedgehog and Unicorn. Two sizes available. 20% off

Valid: all 3 days of the show
Booth #2753

2 NEW Cat Toys, Zoom and Laser Chase Buy 4 or more and get 20% off

Valid: all 3 days of the show
Booth #2753

Pet Hydration Solutions Buy 5 or more Fountains get 20% off PLUS one pack of filters for each. NEW POP display FREE with Purchase

Valid: all 3 days of the show
Booth #2753

Feeders 20% off Smart Feed, Healthy Pet Simply Feed, Digital Two Meal and Six Meal Feeders

Valid: all 3 days of the show
Booth #2753

Travel and Access Products 20% Off PupStep, PupStep Plus, Half Ramp II, UltraLite Bi-Fold and Deluxe Telescoping XL

Valid: all 3 days of the show
Booth #2753

Scoop Free Litter Boxes Buy 2 at 15% Off and receive 2 Single Litter Trays FREE

Valid: all 3 days of the show
Booth #2753

Pet Doors 20% Off Freedom Doors, Wall Entry and Sliding Glass Door

Valid: all 3 days of the show
Booth #2753

Remote Trainers 20% Off Smart Dog, 300, 600 and 900 Yard Remote Trainers

Valid: all 3 days of the show
Petsport Inc.
Booth #1335

All new items 15% off.

Valid: 3/21-3/31/18
Petsport Inc.
Booth #1335

All new Tuff Ball Logo orders no die charge. Save $150.

Valid: 3/21/18-3/23/18
PetStore.Direct / Colorado Pet Remedies
Booth #5244

FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50 of CBD Oil mixes by Colorado Pet Remedies

Valid: 3/21-3/23
PetStore.Direct/Dog Fashion Living
Booth #5244

20% off all bandanas. Booth #5244 PetStore.Direct.

Valid: 3/21-3/23
Booth #481

Free Shipping on orders over $100. Promo Code: GLOBAL18

Valid: 3/19/18-3/26/2018
Precious Metal Prints
Booth #6054

Buy 12 pet nose pendant kits, get 2 free + free store display

Valid: March 2018
Prefer Pets
Booth #4045

10% Discount on all orders over $200.

Valid: 3/19 to 3/30
Presidio Natural Pet Company
Booth #451

20% Off Entire Line! Save an extra 5% when you purchase in case quantity.

Valid: March 21-March 23
Primalvore Natural Pet Foods llc
Booth #6276

Free Shipping with your first Purchase! The shipping cost of your first purchase order is on us, let's make a deal!

Valid: 3/20/2018 - 3/31/2018
Primo Pup Vet Health
Booth #840

25% Off ISO // 10% Off All Orders // No Minimums // Free Shipping Over $500

Valid: March 19 - 23, 2018
Booth #3017

30% off PupSavers & Harnesses use code: PUPSAVER30

Valid: 3/21/18-3/31/18
RC Pets
Booth #1917

Orders over $500.00 get 10% off and free shipping. Use code TS10GLOBEEXP.

Valid: March 21-31
Booth #6357

20% Off All Orders Made During the Expo

Valid: March 21-23
Scholtus Special Products B.V.
Booth #6277

10% introduction discount on any 40 feet container delivery of a private label product when leaving port before 15-05-2018

Valid: 30-04-2018
SiliDog - The Silent Pet Tag
Booth #1319

SiliDogTags no inventory or machinery! Starter Pack starting at only $108! Your customers will love the SiliDog &new Silicat Tags #GetSili

Valid: 3/21 - 3/23
SkyRC Technology Co., Ltd./Petoneer
Booth #4271

Fresco is a smart fountain with water quality and level sensors. With cloud server and App, water and filter change will be reminded!

Valid: start date to end date
Spina Organics
Booth #6348

Receive a Special Global Pet Expo discount on all Spina Organics Pet Care.

Valid: All Show Long
Surgi ~ Snuggly, LLC.
Booth #6486

Special 1: Buy 20 or more = Free Shipping AND Free counter display with stuffed puppy W/ xxs Wonder Suit *Avail only to first 15 people

Valid: 3.31 - 3.23
The Lazy Dog Cookie Co Inc
Booth #985

Save 15% off orders of $150.00+ (base discount) Visit our booth for a chance to win up to 35% off your show order!

Valid: 3/21/18 - 3/30/18 (base discount)
Vet + Instinct
Booth #840

35% Off ISO // 10% Off All Orders // No Minimums // Free Shipping Over $500

Valid: March 19 - 23, 2018
Vet Worthy/FLP Pets
Booth #1583

ISO - 33% off orders placed with us during the show at our booth (#1583).

Valid: 3/21-3/31/18
Walkin' Pets by
Booth #3838

50% off all orders/products placed at the show.

Valid: March 23, 2018
Warren London
Booth #4258

15% off all orders! Free Shipping!

Valid: March 20-27
Booth #3745

40% Off POS Displays, 30% Off Leather Starter Pack, and 15% Off All Other Items.

Valid: 3/21-3/23
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