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February 13, 2009
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Best Booth Awards Announced for Global Pet Expo 2009

(Orlando, FL-February 13, 2009)- The American Pet Products Association (APPA) and the Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA) are please to announce the winners of the Best Booth Awards from this year’s Global Pet Expo held February 12-14, 2009 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL.

The Best Booth Award is designed to acknowledge creative booth design and trade show marketing excellence. The awards are presented in four categories, large booth, small booth, The Boutique booth and ‘What’s New!’, which is specifically for first time exhibiting companies.

In the large booth category, which recognizes booth configurations of 400 sq. ft. or more, the first place winner was Nestle Purina PetCare Company, booth 2235. The second place winner in this category was Petmate, booth 3119.

What better way to gain recognition on the show floor than with a larger than life 25’ by 7.5’ big screen TV and adorable puppies?  Purina hit a homerun with this cleverly designed booth adorned in red and black. The TV screen featured images of people and their pets as well as interesting pet industry statistics. Two large square-shaped areas placed on either side of the booth were “home” to several difference breeds of mostly sleeping puppies! 

Attendees could not miss Petmate’s booth with a large spherical sign displaying the company’s logo hung above the booth. Panels adorning large images of pets and joyful pet owners were eye catching and really brought passersby into the booth. A coffee station welcomed guests as well as a sign “Pets make a house a home.” Products were displayed on black blocks and were categorized by such lifestyle phrases as “stylish,” “easy,” “elite,” “helpful” and “convenient.” A variety of the parent company’s other brands were also featured throughout the booth. This booth was complete with its own fully enclosed meeting rooms as well.

In the small booth category, which recognizes small booth configurations of 300 sq. ft. or less, the first place winner was Crunchkins, booth 2616. Second place was awarded to Green Dog Naturals, booth 1725.

Crunchkins’ booth was built to mimic a dog house and was complete with green carpet to make the outdoor look authentic! Large photos of dogs with Crunchkins cards in their mouths were exhibited throughout the booth and displays of edible holiday cards ranging from Valentine’s Day to Halloween, birthdays, Christmas and more were throughout the booth and added to the fun-filled spirit of the décor.  

Nothing says “come on in” like a huge display featuring a photo of a lovable Puerto Rican rescue dog. “Scruffy,” a yellow mixed breed, was the perfect, inviting face for Green Dog Naturals’ booth. The space had a natural, organic feel and with attractive product samples and lively, knowledgeable staff was a pleasure to visit.

The best booth awards in The Boutique at Global Pet Expo went to Kakadu Pet, booth 553 who won first place and, Paus in booth 701 who took second place.

Kakadu’s ability to demonstrate how their product line could be integrated into many aspects of everyday life made this booth a clear favorite at this year’s show. Two giant four-sided pillars featured fun lifestyle scenarios with large images taken from every day life coupled with actual product that corresponded with the activity. From “Pam” the mannequin walking her dogs to an image of children by a campfire, and drooling stuffed dogs in front of a mural mimicking a butcher shop, this booth had much to see! Booth organizers also created seating to resemble the building block from its logo – the primary colors were catchy and fun!

Paus drove it home with a cabin meets class feel. The log cabin-esque décor was highlighted by a fireplace in the center of the booth complete with a flat screen TV over it which educated visitors on the company’s product line. A display with mini pet beds served to show off different fabric options and the maroon, brown and black colors in the booth gave the space a warm, yet sophisticated feel. A black square-shaped table with stool served as a convenient meeting space.  

In the What’s New! category, which recognizes the booth of any first-time exhibitor, the first place prize was awarded to TMAX Group Limited in booth 3663. Second place went to Pet Tree Houses, LLC in both 3781.

With white carpet and cheery turquoise and lime green signage and displays, TMAX was a visual delight! Two half walls were used to display products on one side and together housed a meeting area in the middle. The large “Fur Pets Sake” banner in the middle of the booth was noticeable, and the memorable products such as “pizza” and “steaks” and the “Sock Guy” made the booth experience a joyful one.

When Pet Tree Houses set out to bring the outdoor experience inside they nailed it with this booth design. The structures made of wood and foliage actually became the display, and the staff’s uniforms were just as earthy and inviting with black slacks and khaki green shirts complete with the company’s tree logo. A TV featured testimonial photos of birds, cats and dogs enjoying their tree houses. This booth truly was like being in the great outdoors!


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