March 22-24, 2023
Orange County Convention Center
Orlando, FL
American Pet Products Association (APPA) Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA)

Social Media Toolkit

Social Media Tool Kit
Global Pet Expo 2022

Social media plays a significant role in strengthening your connections within the pet industry. Whether you’re a buyer, exhibitor or speaker, you can use this tool kit to help promote your attendance at Global Pet Expo 2022. We hope these will help you create social media content that engages your followers and brings your BIG ideas to life!


  • Utilize the messaging, assets and content ideas below to create turnkey social media posts to promote your participation at Global Pet Expo 2022.
  • Social media graphics are available for download here for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. You’re also welcome to use your own photos, videos and graphics with the provided sample messaging or leverage our content ideas to inspire your next viral post. 

  • When you are ready to create a post:

    • Upload your choice of image, video or graphic to any social media channel.

    • Copy/paste or customize a caption from our suggestions below.

    • Fill in any blanks if applicable.

    • Tag Global Pet Expo Social Channels and add the hashtag #GlobalPetExpo.

    • Post away!

Social Media Channels
Global Pet Expo is active on the following channels. Follow us and tag @GlobalPetExpo, and use the hashtag #GlobalPetExpo on your posts during the event for a chance to win cool swag and prizes. 

This is the event's official hashtag. Use it when posting content about the show to share images, videos and more on social media. We encourage all attendees to post content with this hashtag. 





  • We are packing up and preparing our booth for #GlobalPetExpo on March 23-25. Will we see you there?

  • Our team is heading to Orlando for #GlobalPetExpo 2022! Follow along for a look behind-the-scenes at the show. 

  • We are thrilled to be exhibiting at #GlobalPetExpo, and we can’t wait to connect with the pet care community in person.

  • We’re exhibiting at #GlobalPetExpo 2022! Stop by booth [booth number] to check out our latest products and meet with our team.

  • We can’t wait to show you what new products we have in store at [company name]. Stay tuned to learn more at #GlobalPetExpo 2022!

  • Add a stop to booth [booth number] to your list! We are hosting [ event or contest] on [date and time] with [details].

Content Ideas

  • Get a shot of your team behind the scenes packing up or prepping for the show.

  • Snap a team photo or video introducing your staff at your booth.

  • Create a photo or video teaser of a new product launch.

    • Share a mood or inspiration board for the product design.

    • Emphasize an unveiling by sharing a picture of the product wrapped up or under a covering.

    • Snap a picture with the product or packaging peeping out of the corner.

    • Give clues in the caption about what the product could be and have people guess in the comments.


At the Show


  • #GlobalPetExpo is finally here! visit our booth [booth number] to say hello 👋

  • Our booth at #GlobalPetExpo is one you don’t want to miss! Stop by booth [booth number] to meet our team and learn how we’re bringing our big ideas to life. 

  • Meet the team that brings our big ideas to life. Stop by booth [booth number] at #GlobalPetExpo to learn more!

  • Stop by booth [booth number] at #Global Pet Expo to check out our latest products and stay for a quick chat! 

  • Coming to you live from our [event or contest name]! Stop by booth [booth number] for [details]. #GlobalPetExpo

  • Have you stopped by booth [booth number] to check out our latest products? #GlobalPetExpo

Content Ideas

  • Post a photo of your booth set up.

  • Create a behind the scenes video or Reel of your staff working the booth.

  • Share a promotional image or video for the contest or event you are hosting at your booth (if applicable). 

  • Reveal more teasers for new products.

  • Highlight your products/product lines on display at your booth.

  • Create a “day in the life” at Global Pet Expo vlog-style video or Reel.

  • Introduce staff working the booth and have them say a little about themselves or their role and why they love working in the pet industry.


Post Show


  • Check out our highlights from a successful #GlobalPetExpo 2022. See you next year!

  • Thanks to everyone who visited our booth at #GlobalPetExpo this year!

Content Ideas

  • Share photos of other attendees you met at your booth and during the show.

  • Show what you saw on the show floor when you were able to sneak away from your booth. 

  • Talk about any products from your booth that you donated to The Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando.

  • Share photos of your team/staff back in the office settling in after the show. 





  • Our team is heading to Orlando for #GlobalPetExpo, where big ideas come to life! Follow along to see more from the show.

  • We are thrilled to be attending #GlobalPetExpo 2022, and we can’t wait to connect with the pet care community in person.

  • We’re attending #GlobalPetExpo to find the newest and most innovative pet products.

  • We are on the hunt for [list/name products your team is hoping to find] at #GlobalPetExpo this year!

Content Ideas

  • Snap a team or group photo outside your store or office and introduce them before the show.

  • Create a quick video or reel showcasing your storefront while talking about the types of products you carry and new products you hope to find at the show.


At the Show


  • We’re here in Orlando for three days of education, exhibits and networking at #GlobalPetExpo 2022!

  • We’re scoping out all the latest pet products hitting the market this year at #GlobalPetExpo. Tune in to see what we discover along the way!

  • Our team has found some amazing new products at #GlobalPetExpo that we can’t wait to share with our customers!

  • Back in-person at #GlobalPetExpo 2022 scoping out the latest pet products for this year!

  • We just finished up at [Global Learning Series session name]. Check out this interesting fact we learned: [insert key takeaway or fact from the session]. #GlobalPetExpo

Content Ideas

  • Create a “day in the life” at Global Pet Expo vlog-style video or Reel.

  • Post a photo of your team leaving a Global Learning Series session and share a key takeaway.

  • Snap a team photo on the show floor.

  • Stop by the sports bar for a drink, some food and a great photo opp.

  • Share your ride on the trolley before and after the show. 

  • Share behind the scenes images and/or videos of some new products you found, interesting facts you learned, or people/exhibitors you met.


Post Show


  • Check out these highlights from a successful #GlobalPetExpo 2022.

  • We had a great time at #GlobalPetExpo scoping out the latest pet products, meeting our industry peers and catching up on the top pet care trends for 2022.

  • We can’t wait to show you the latest products we discovered at #GlobalPetExpo - coming in-store soon!

Content Ideas

  • Put together a carousel of your favorite photos from the show.

  • Create a Reel or video talking about the top 5 trends you saw at the show or what new products and brands you're excited to see/work with in 2022.

  • Share a photo with your fellow pet industry pros that you met at Global Pet Expo.





  • I’m excited to announce that I’ll be leading a session at #GlobalPetExpo this year as part of the Global Learning Series! Join me on [date and time] to discuss [session name].

  • Join me on [date and time] to discuss [session name] at #GlobalPetExpo and learn about [topic details].

Content Ideas

  • Share or tease out some top-line talking points or data surrounding your presentation topic.

  • Post a brief bio and talk about your experience or expertise on your session topic.

  • Snap photos of your travels to Orlando.


At the Show


  • If you’re here at #GlobalPetExpo, be sure to stop by [room number] on [day] at [time] to catch my session on [session name].

  • Join me today at [time] for my session on [session name] in [room number]! #GlobalPetExpo

Content Ideas

  • Share any session prep or tease out more top-line talking points or data from your session.

  • Capture photos and/or videos of your presentation during your session.

  • Talk about another speaker session you attended and discuss your top takeaways. 

  • Snap a selfie or take a group shot on the show floor and share your favorite things about the pet industry.