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Global Pet Expo Digital Access

On December 15, 2020, Show Management announced that amid continued safety concerns resulting from the global pandemic, Global Pet Expo will be moving to a fully-digital experience in place of its live trade show for 2021. Global Pet Expo Digital Access will take place March 24–26, 2021--bridging the 2020 and 2022 live events.  Click here for the official announcement. 

Presented by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) and Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA),  Global Pet Expo Digital Access is the pet industry's premier digital event featuring the newest, most innovative pet products on the market today. 

Online registration is live, and buyers who have already successfully registered for Global Pet Expo 2021 will automatically be registered to attend the digital event.  We will continue to take registrations and qualifications through our current platform on the Global Pet Expo website. Full details about the digital access platform will be released soon. 

Registration & Qualification

Before you proceed, please read the following carefully.

1. If you have attended Global Pet Expo previously with the same company, please LOGIN AND REGISTER

2.  If your company has sent representatives to Global Pet Expo in the last five years but this is YOUR first time, please email for assistance.  

3.  If this is the first time anyone from your company has tried to attend Global Pet Expo, proceed to NEW BUYER QUALIFICATION. 

4.  If you are not sure, please email and explain that you are unsure if anyone from your company has attended Global Pet Expo previously.

Definition of a “Qualified Buyer”

Global Pet Expo's definition of a Qualified Buyer is a company that is purchasing a pet products wholesale and in quantity from a variety of branded product manufacturers or from a distributor that are then resold to the consumer.  Buyers may be single-unit retailers, multi-unit retailers, distributors, or a website selling branded products purchased from a variety of manufacturers. Only qualified buyers are eligible to attend all three days free of charge. 

Pet product manufacturers, domestic importers, international exporters, or distributors may qualify to exhibit at Global Pet Expo.  Additional information available at

Service Providers, Suppliers, or any business that does not qualify as a buyer may be eligible to attend as an Industry Visitor on Thursday & Friday, or Friday only.  There is a fee.  Please contact for more information.

Industry Visitor Notification

Due to continued health and safety concerns from the COVID-19 pandemic, Global Pet Expo has moved to a fully digital event for 2021. Since our live event is converting into a full digital event some aspects of the show will be different this year. In order to deliver the maximum amount of value to our exhibiting members, we have made the difficult decision to host only qualified retail and distribution buyers on the platform. Unfortunately, there will be no Industry Visitor option for Global Pet Expo Digital Access.  

We are moving forward with our live event for 2022 and will resume the Industry Visitor program at that time.  

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