March 22-24, 2023
Orange County Convention Center
Orlando, FL
American Pet Products Association (APPA) Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA)

Global Learning Series

Available now on-demand  -- View the three-day education program from Global Pet Expo Digital Access 2021.  

This free Global Learning Series delivers over 40 sessions and learning pathways developed for retailers, distributors, exhibitors, and special interest groups in the pet care community.  Each session provides actionable takeaways from inspiring, experienced speakers and subject matter experts sharing essential learning for organizational growth in today’s business climate. 


Retailer Success Series — Access the Full Playlist Here

Presented by Pet Store Pro®, you’ll find 20+ sessions presented by retail industry experts in the following knowledge areas: 

  • Customer Experience
  • Human Resources
  • Leadership
  • PR & Marketing
  • Profitability & Growth

Retailer Success Series Sessions:

  • How To Make 2021 Make up for 2020! (Speaker: Dan Jablons) 
  • Natural Pet Products Trends (Speaker: Amy Kerr)
  • Keeping Great Employees (Speaker: Anne Rollins)
  • HERO Customer Experience in a COVID-19 Environment (Speaker: Andy Masters)
  • It’s Time to Adapt or Die on the Vine: Marketing Tactics you must use in 2021 to connect with your customers (Speaker: Lynn Switanowski)
  • Enhancing the Customer Experience (Speaker: Chris Miller)
  • Pet Innovation in the Marketplace (Speakers: Amy Kerr, Lisa Labuda & Rahul Roy)
  • Update from Pet Sustainability Coalition (Speaker: Caitlyn Dudas)
  • Pet Store Pro: Training for Success (Speaker: Celeste Powers)
  • What’s Your Pink Pig? – How to Feed and Nurture Your Competitive Clout! (Speaker: Anne Obarski)
  • Navigating the New Normal:  Embracing Work & Life in the Era of COVID-19 (Speaker: Andy Masters)
  • Hiring the "Right Fit" Employees Every Time (Speaker: Amy Castro)
  • Introducing Clubhouse for your Business (Speaker: Nancy Hassel)
  • Finding More Space in Your Store (Speaker: Chris Miller)
  • Empowering Employees to Empower Themselves (Speaker: Amy Castro)
  • Be an A.C.E.- 8 Steps to Delivering an Astonishing Customer Experience (Speaker: Anne Obarski)
  • How to Help Pets and Improve Sales by Creating a Dynamic Supplement Section (Speakers: Bill Bookout, Jody Hoefler, Brian Little & Samantha Youngblood)
  • The Latest from PIJAC (Speaker: Mike Bober)
  • From Scrambling to Planning and Beyond: Planning and Preparing your Pet Business for Whatever Comes Next (Speaker: Lynn Switanowski)
  • Marketing Plans & Marketing Execution (Speaker: Phil Chang)
  • Delegate Like a Boss in 5 Easy Steps (Speaker: Amy Castro)
  • Retail Survivors!  Who Will Make It, Who Won't, and Why (Speaker: Dan Jablons)
  • Turning Freebies Into Cash (Speakers: Nancy & Chris Guinn)
  • The Power of Words: Branding & Brand Language (Speaker: Phil Chang)
  • Pandemic Retailing in the Pet Industry (Speaker: Chris Miller)
  • Leveraging LinkedIn for Your Pet Business. (Speaker: Nancy Hassel)
  • How To Give Your Customers A Total Retail Experience and Build Your Pet Community! (Speaker: Patricia Zeller)
  • The Hidden Power of Pricing (Speaker: Laurie Wolff)
  • Celebrating Diversity in the Pet Industry (Speakers: Nancy Hassel, Sterling Davis, Mary Tan & Brian I. Taylor)

Market Data Sessions — Access the Full Playlist Here

View sessions designed to deliver valuable educaton in 2021 and beyond, including the latest data in pet ownership, profitability, and more.

APPA Market Research Sessions:

  • APPA Market Access Program: Retail Market Tour (Speaker: Dave Bolen)
  • The Future of Pet Care: Global Trends and Opportunities (Speaker: Jared Koerten)
  • Now Is The Time To Expand Your Exports (Speaker: Laurie Wolff) 
  • U.S. Pet Market Outlook and Trends 2021 (Speaker: David Sprinkle)
  • Pet Ownership During the Pandemic:  APPA’s Market Research Reveals the Impact of COVID-19 on U.S. Pet Ownership (Julie Springer)
  • How 2020 Changed the Pet Retail Landscape and What Could Come Next? (Speakers: Brad Boldridge & Sam Smith)

Keynote Series — Access the Full Playlist Here

Three keynotes sessions from thought leaders in the pet care industry on topics including State of the Industry, Navigating the New Normal in Retail, and Inclusive Leadership. 

Keynote Sessions:

  • State of the Pet Industry (Speakers: Steve King, President & CEO of APPA & Celeste Powers, President of PIDA)
  • The New Normal in Retail - Panel Presentation (Moderator: Mark Kalaygian)
  • Inclusive Leadership in the Pet Industry (Speaker: Nika White)

Paws2Learn — Access the Full Playlist Here

The quick, on-the-go learning experiences cover initiatives and good works everyone in the pet care community should learn about as they serve to educate, inform and enhance the causes related to responsible pet ownership. 


  • Update from HABRI (Speaker: Steve Feldman)
  • Update from Pets in the Classroom (Speaker: Matt Coffindaffer)
  • Update from ARF's Pets and Vets (Speaker: Elena Bicker)